About Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith is a qualified counsellor and holds accreditation with the Australian Counselling Association. Other undergraduate qualifications that Nathan has obtained include a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management & Business Law) and Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling). Nathan is currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) programme at the Australian Catholic University and he hopes to continue developing his career in secondary education. 

Nathan began his working career in the corporate world straight after finishing high school. Initially he wanted to pursue a career in Human Resource Management and Law and as such, he went on to university where he studied these disciplines and graduated with a Bachelor of Business. With his degree in hand, Nathan continued to work a typical office job but rather than following the path he initially chose, his career took him into the area of marketing - more specifically, advertising and promotion.


This area of work enabled Nathan to work on one of the world’s biggest and most recognisable brands. He was fortunate enough to travel overseas while working on this brand and he worked in America, Hong Kong, China and South Korea. Even though these experiences were wonderful opportunities for Nathan, there was something missing for him. He had a good job but had no real job satisfaction. This bothered him and after spending 8 years working in a corporate environment, Nathan came to the realisation that this line of work was not for him. He wanted more out of what he was doing but figuring out just exactly what that was proved to be extremely challenging. But after some time Nathan came to the realisation that he wanted be in a line of work where he was helping others, particularly those who were less fortunate than him or who were in a low point in their lives. This led Nathan on to explore counselling as a profession and after some consideration, he soon returned to university to study a Bachelor of Social Science where he majored in Counselling.


Now, after working in this line of work since 2009, Nathan has realised that this is exactly what he wants to do. Helping others and being there for people when they are at their lowest point or at their most vulnerable is a privilege. The people who come to see a counsellor open up and place their trust in you and Nathan believes this is something special. Nathan's passion is working with young people - teenagers and young adults - as he believes that this is where he can make the most difference in these young peoples' lives. Adolescence and early adulthood bring with it some of the most challenging obstacles and experiences that people face and through his own experiences, Nathan feels he can connect with these people and provide them with the support and guidance that they need to move forward in their own journey.


In addition to this Nathan has commenced studying for a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)/Graduate Certificate in Religious Education and wants to continue his career within secondary education as a teacher and school counsellor.


Outside of his work environment, Nathan loves sport, especially Rugby League, cricket and touch football. He has been a Rugby League referee for 18 years now and is fortunate enough to still be able to participate in the game at a high level. His cricket playing days are on hold for the moment but this is something that he wants to return to down the track. Nathan also enjoys the beach, fishing and boating and is often up at his favourite holiday destination, Forster (on the mid north coast) where he and his family are able to enjoy these water activities.